Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After 45 years of near uninterrupted service ...

Our current heating system (boiler and controls) is the original "Burnham Holiday" unit that was installed when our facility was built 45 years ago. It has served us well during that time. But it is not very energy efficient which has led to increased utility bills, and due to its age and the unavailability of parts, it has become difficult, if not impossible, to repair - as we have lately discovered.

Our boiler (affectionately named "Darth") broke down four times during this past winter’s heating season and we made it through the year, literally, “on a wing and a prayer.” Various pumps, motors and fittings are functioning with used or cannibalized parts and components of the electrical system are simply irreplaceable at this time. Consequently, our board has decided that our heating system must be replaced before the next school year begins.

So long, Burnham Holiday. And thank you ...

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